18 November 2015

Tomorrow Evening!

It's Wednesday night and sitting in my office looking out at, well - darkness really I suppose, but listening to the rain hammer down and thankful for solid walls. This time tomorrow, I expect I should be heading home from the TeachMeet in Cork, but probably still chatting with everyone. :-)

For anyone listening and on Twitter - please use the hashtag: #TMSouth - let's try to get it trending!

If it hasn't been said before - congratulations for all the hard work by @CosmicCork @linehanbm @avril_ronan great stuff for organising the first Cork TeachMeet!

4 November 2015

Beginning of a new adventure!

Good morning everyone!

This is the first Blog in TeachTech Support. My goal and aim of this Blog (and venture) is to provide support, help, training and more to educators. All too often, our educators are under-funded, under-supported and probably overwhelmed.

If I can help just one person, I believe the knock-on effect of this will be that that person will in turn inspire a student and that student will in turn change the world. This is of course a totally simplistic view - but one that I aspire to.

Please feel free to join me on this new adventure!

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